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Membership dues waiver request form

To be considered for the 12-month dues waiver, you must be a current SPJ member who:

1. Recently received a membership renewal notice but haven’t renewed because of financial hardship.

2. Either:
– Was laid off from your full-time job in the media industry and have yet to secure full-time employment
– Have recently lost more than 30 percent of your freelance income.

In order to make this opportunity available for our members, those granted a waiver will receive Digital Quill only during their 12-month extension. In exchange for the waiver, SPJ asks that you volunteer five hours of your time to the Society. This can be a chapter event, contest judging or some other form of involvement.

Questions about SPJ’s dues waiver program? Please contact Caroline Escobar at 317-361-4132 or via email.

Prefer to print and mail this form in? Find a downloadable PDF copy here.


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