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2019 and Previous Honorees
Enter OnlineRules & Eligibility2019 and Previous Honorees

Entry Deadline:
February 23, 2021
Entries accepted beginning November 24, 2020

SPJ’s New America Award honors public service journalism that explores and exposes an issue of importance to immigrant or ethnic communities currently living in the United States. Although not required, collaboration with ethnic media is taken into account.

To be eligible, work must have been published or broadcast during the 2020 calendar year. SPJ welcomes entries from media outlets, journalists, community and issue advocacy groups, individuals and others concerned with ethnic issues.

Entries for the New America Award must be submitted online by February 23, 2021 at 11:59 p.m. ET.

Each entry must include a cover letter explaining the significance of the issue and why it was chosen. The letter should explain any obstacles encountered and benefits gained. The letter can also provide background about the entrants and talk about the effects of the journalism produced. Entries may be in any language; however, English translations must be supplied for entries that are not in English. For broadcast entries, transcripts in English are required.

General Rules

– Work from any platform is eligible. One overall award will be given.
– Incomplete entries will be disqualified.
– Mark the date of the publication or broadcast on the entry form.
– Material submitted for the contest will not be returned.
– Entries may be in any language, however, English translations must be supplied for entries that are not in English. For broadcast entries, transcripts in English are required.
– An entry fee — $25 for SPJ members, $40 for non-members — must accompany each submission. If any entry is submitted to SPJ without the appropriate fee, it will be disqualified.
All entries must be submitted online to SPJ's awards site.
– All video files must be .mp4, .mov, wmv or .mpeg format. Video files should not exceed 30 minutes.
– All audio-only files must be .mp3 (preferred), .wav or .aiff format. Audio files should not exceed 30 minutes.
– Entries that submit inaccurate or incomplete URLs will be disqualified. Web links must remain active until the award winners are announced in June 2021.
– The date of publication should be visible. If the date of publication is not listed on the entry, submit a cover or table of contents showing the date as part of the entry.
– Multiple pieces may be submitted as single entry. However, entrants should use discretion to ensure the number of pieces submitted is a manageable amount for judges to consider. Parts that are not submitted may be summarized in the cover letter.


SPJ collaborates with organizations such as NAJA, NABJ, NAHJ and JAWS to evaluate New America award entries.

For More Information

For more information, contact SPJ Headquarters via email.


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